Wearing my Shoes Out

Have walked about 20 miles over the last three days knocking on doors and hanging flyers. Noticed a few interesting things while I was out yesterday.

First: I hung a flyer on about eight houses that had apparently taken their Biden signs out of their yard and had them sitting on their porch. These sign looked like they had been used, not new ones waiting to be placed. Wonder what’s up with that?

Second: The most popular way of fending off a “politician” walking up to your house is to say “I’ve already voted”. However, since I know early voting doesn’t open up until Monday; it only works on Democrats. 😉

Third: The more fancy and high-dollar a house is, the less they seem to actually use the front door. I went through a few upper class neighborhoods this week with front doors that didn’t look like they had been used in years. Hopefully, they will find my flyer before Christmas.

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