Speaking Peace in an Angry World

In today’s world of polarization, it’s hard to get past the homer-politics and have meaningful conversations. If nothing else comes of this campaign, I’m grateful for the many conversations I’ve had with people who both agreed and contested my own point of view. I’m especially grateful that for the most part each time we parted with good feelings for the each other. Thanks to all of you whom I gotten to know over this campaign.

I would like to offer you a challenge. When I was young, immature, and skinny I often had a snide comment when I saw an older or heavy person out jogging or exercising. Now that I am older and not quite as skinny, when I see them I think: “Good for you, at least your off the couch and trying to get better.” My challenge is this, when you see someone who you obviously disagree with during this political season pray for yourself to have the opportunity to be a good example to them to win them over in time, instead of making negative comments.

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