Welcome Encouragement

Got a lift yesterday from a welcome source. Most of you know I’ve been paying for this campaign out of my saving account mostly. As a result I don’t have near as many yard signs as I’d like to have to pass out. So, someone made a yard sign of their own and put it out. That really means a lot to me. THANKS whoever you are!!!!! You made my day!!!!!!

Wearing my Shoes Out

Have walked about 20 miles over the last three days knocking on doors and hanging flyers. Noticed a few interesting things while I was out yesterday.

First: I hung a flyer on about eight houses that had apparently taken their Biden signs out of their yard and had them sitting on their porch. These sign looked like they had been used, not new ones waiting to be placed. Wonder what’s up with that?

Second: The most popular way of fending off a “politician” walking up to your house is to say “I’ve already voted”. However, since I know early voting doesn’t open up until Monday; it only works on Democrats. 😉

Third: The more fancy and high-dollar a house is, the less they seem to actually use the front door. I went through a few upper class neighborhoods this week with front doors that didn’t look like they had been used in years. Hopefully, they will find my flyer before Christmas.

I guess the dirty tricks have started.

Last night someone put a Braum’s cardboard box over a fire-hydrant near the corner of Porter & Robinson and then attached one of my signs to it. They took a photo and then got on social media and began trashing me for it. Luckily a friend was online when it began and defended me. I really didn’t think that my campaign would generate such dishonest and downright evil behavior. This polarization has gotten way out of hand, it will take all of us (and a lot of Divine assistance) to overcome it and restore the civil society. Only a couple of weeks left to go.

Been walking through all the housing divisions and placing door hangers to try to reach as many people as possible. We’re all getting pretty tired, but the finish line is almost in sight.

A Word to the Wise

A good friend once asked me a very useful question; “Why do those who know the least know it the loudest?” It’s been my experience that people who shout and are confrontational are easily dismissed since they are often shallow and emotionally immature. People who are respectful and attentive are the ones to take more seriously. NEVER mistake good manners for weakness.

Speaking Peace in an Angry World

In today’s world of polarization, it’s hard to get past the homer-politics and have meaningful conversations. If nothing else comes of this campaign, I’m grateful for the many conversations I’ve had with people who both agreed and contested my own point of view. I’m especially grateful that for the most part each time we parted with good feelings for the each other. Thanks to all of you whom I gotten to know over this campaign.

I would like to offer you a challenge. When I was young, immature, and skinny I often had a snide comment when I saw an older or heavy person out jogging or exercising. Now that I am older and not quite as skinny, when I see them I think: “Good for you, at least your off the couch and trying to get better.” My challenge is this, when you see someone who you obviously disagree with during this political season pray for yourself to have the opportunity to be a good example to them to win them over in time, instead of making negative comments.