I’m Phillip

Phillip A. Hillian

Way too Many Reasons to Vote HILLIAN

  1. Trained, Tested, and Proven Leadership.  Led 132 soldiers in 30+ days of wartime combat, not a single soul lost.
  2. Understands Oklahoma’s Base Economy of Energy, Agriculture, and Military.
  3. Not too tall, not too skinny.  Just an average person.
  4. Not a professional politician.  No deals, just solutions.
  5. Integrity is important. 
  6. SOCIAL HARMONY advocate to achieve a respectful and productive society.  New ideas and cultural expansion are the basis of America’s foundation.
  7. Socially Accepting.  Jesus never refused to love and accept anyone he met.  That is the standard to strive for.  That doesn’t mean anyone can wag the dog, we are all in this together.
  8. Pro-Military, Police, Fire, Medic’s and all first responders who selflessly risk their lives to protect others.  Every day they risk their lives to ensure our families are safe, and I truly appreciate that.
  9. Oil Industry experience: 18 years. 
  10. Military & Government experience: 24 years. 
  11. High Technology experience: 25 years.
  12. Choose Life, every life is precious.  Especially the innocent.
  13. Decorated combat veteran, Presidential Unit Citation, Bronze Star, and Meritorious Service Medal Recipient
  14. Pro 2nd Amendment   Defense is a basic human right. 
  15. Proud American!!!  All people are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights.  The U.S. pioneered that concept and we are still working on it.  No apologies for that belief.
  16. Father, Grandfather, and Devoted Husband for 37 years.
  17. Will not be bullied by special interests.
  18. Love Dogs, kind of like Cats.
  19. Socialism is bad. It’s been tried by many, many governments and it ALWAYS ends up the same. With a few selfish people living off the backs of the suffering masses. But every so often a bunch of people come along who think they are smarter than all the other people who ever tried socialism and that they are the ones who are going to get it right this time.
  20. Multi-Cultural upbringing and family. My family is not running for office, and I will respect their privacy. I will only say that my family, both nuclear and extended are very diverse and that we all accept each other unconditionally.
  21. Active in Local Charities fighting homelessness.  As a teenager, I was once homeless myself.
  22. Attentive.  Ever tried to talk to your congressman or senator?  Have any luck with that, I never did.  If I am blessed enough to represent this district, I will answer when you call.  I may not be able to solve all your issues, but I will respectfully hear them and do what I can.
  23. Oklahoma Born & Bred. I love this state.
  24. Devout Christian.  While accepting that other people may have different faiths, or no faith at all; I base my integrity and actions on the teachings of Christ to love all people on this journey.
  25. Fiscally Conservative.  Solutions fix problems, not money.
  26. Trustworthy.  Held numerous high-level Department of Defense security clearances and never once told where in Iowa we hide the extra-terrestrials. So don’t ask……
  27. Well Rounded Education.  Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science.  Thousands of hours of training for leadership, management, conflict resolution, and hundreds of other topics.
  28. Mature and Responsible. Will conduct myself in a manner reflecting well on Oklahoma and will not get arrested doing immature things like climbing flag poles at presidential rallies.
  29. Willing to work with anyone making an honest effort, whether I voted for them or not.  Subterfuge for political gain is dishonest, disgusting, and hurts innocent people.
  30. Voting is a sacred trust, not a fashion statement.  Elections have consequences, know who you are vote for.
  31. The Press may be free, but lies shouldn’t be.  Any “News agency” who knowingly lies to manipulate a population should be held accountable.
  32. Education Reform. Oklahoma’s Schools rank 43rd nationally for basic education.  Something needs to change from the ground up.
    • In 2019 nearly half of every dollar in state revenue went to education, ($3.6 Billion).
    • Utah spends the least per student of any state, yet is in the top ten of education, something there to learn.
    • In addition to “Separation of Church and State” there should be a “Separation of school and political indoctrination”.
  33. World Aware. Have traveled the globe and have first-hand experience with many world cultures. 
  34. Advocate for those in need.  There, but for the Grace of God go I…
  35. Personal Heroes.  Dr. M.L. King Jr. and President R. Reagan. Both changed the world peacefully.
  36. Large Budget Experience for civilian and military agencies.
  37. Humble, I didn’t want to say all these things about myself, but how else could I let you know who you’re voting for. 
  38. Prison Reform.  As of 2016, Oklahoma has the highest per capita ratio of prisoners in the United States.  Need to figure this out.  Is it the laws, the people, both, or neither?  Need to find the most successful rehab methods and start employing them.
  39. Insightful.  Too many people just treat the symptoms and never find the root cause of the problem.  Find the root cause and you only have to fix it once, treat the symptoms and you will be doing that forever.
  40. Long Term Vision.  Too many leaders only react to the problem of the day, they don’t try to anticipate trends and plan for the future.  These are unique and difficult times we need to do more than just scratch through. 
  41. Trained, Tested, and Proven.  Successful leadership experience in war, peace, government, and commerce.
  42. Office is a responsibility. Too many people see elected offices as a path to power and riches, they hurt hard working people with their selfishness every day just to get ahead.  You want someone in office who works for the people, not the other way around.
  43. Gets the Job Done.  I am a closer, no excuses.  Say what you mean and mean what you say.
  44. More Jobs = Less Welfare and happier people.  Earning a good living for your family in Oklahoma is hard.  We need to bring more business into the state using our most abundant resource: hard working and reliable people. 
  45. Immigration.  I was raised to believe the United States was a melting pot where people from every part of the world contribute to the whole and make us all stronger.  Anyone wanting to become an American citizen and contribute their talents to our great nation should be given the chance to work toward it.  If you don’t want to be an American citizen, there are many, many places in the world where you can go to find happiness, why be miserable here?
  46. I know that I’m not perfect.  Just one look at my photo will tell you that.  But, I’ve been a lot of places, seen a lot of things.  Many good and some very bad.  I’ve been sent to help people whose world has collapsed when they never believed it could happen to them.  (Just like you think it could never happen to you, right now.) People who had absolutely no means of caring for their family except through the kindness of strangers like Americans.  Edmund Burke, one of the foremost political speakers of 18th century England, said: “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”  With all the turmoil in our world today, I could not in good conscious just sit around and do nothing.  So, I got out of my comfort zone and put my neck on the line to hopefully make Oklahoma all the things we know it can be.  If most of my values match yours, then please vote for me.  If not, vote for the person who closest represents your views.  I want our representative to truly reflect our ethics and values.  Not someone who is out to rebuild the world in their new ideology, and maybe run over us on the way.

Can we count on you?