When the need is great, it’s time to step up…

Phillip A. Hillian
Why am I running for public office?

Many reasons. 

  1. These are tough times, and even tougher times are ahead without someone properly trained and experienced to navigate the coming challenges.  I can offer that, I’ve proven it.  I care about Oklahoma and everyone in it, I want to be one of the people who bring us through these dark days to a brighter future.  I can’t understand why anyone wouldn’t want a chance to be a part of that.
  2. We’re failing our own children.  The current system is resulting in a generation that is ranked 43rd among the graduates in the country.  That is a colossal injustice to our children and their future.  We can fix that, and IT HAS TO BE FIXED.
  3. The people of the state are too polarized, they don’t even try to relate to each other anymore.  When I ask each person why that is, the reply is always “well, they won’t listen to me, so I won’t listen to them”.  I’m willing to be that person in the middle who truly listens to all sides and searches for that common ground to bring families and friends back together.
  4. We are not being efficient with our states resources, our most valuable resource is the spectacular people of Oklahoma.  And way too many of us are unemployed or under-employed.  We lose many of our best and brightest to larger markets because we cannot currently offer them the best future.  That can change, and I can start the process that makes it happen.
What are my legislative and policy priorities?
  1. Give our children a better education to equip them for the coming challenges in life.
  2. Break the cycle of poverty, poor-education, drug abuse, and incarceration that has ruined the lives of so many Oklahomans.
  3. Bridge the gap that exists between good people who are having such a struggle to convey their concerns to opposing ideologies.  Communication leads to understanding, and understanding to solutions.
  4. Social stability.  We are all in this together, we have one life, one planet, and one opportunity to show that the greatest human traits are compassion, understanding, and love.
  5. Improve the state government’s interaction with the citizens.   You can’t get the help you need, when you need it, if you can’t figure out which form to fill out or who to give it to, or even if there is anything to help you at all.  At the same time, there are many people who game-the-system and extract our needed resources under false pretenses, those need to be found and corrected.
What makes me the best person for the job?

Training, testing, real-life experience, and proven success. 

I’m the oldest of four brothers, and dozens of cousins.  I have been a leader by default since birth.  All my life I step up to be the person who navigates the challenges and leads the way for others to succeed.  My leadership is not what you see on TV, I don’t lead people with force of will, coercion, or any of that unless absolutely necessary.  I lead by example.  I practice what I preach and I listen to everyone to find the true goal.  Others see that and are comfortable that whatever I do is done in their best interests, they follow out of friendship, loyalty, and a shared knowledge that we are all fighting the good fight together.  And the most important trait of leadership is that everyone realizes that they are recognized and appreciated for their contributions.

I have been tested many times and have always proven that I can find a way to victory.  I have led hundreds of soldiers through extended high-intensity combat in countless battles, and never lost a single soul.  I didn’t do that by myself, what I did was to prepare them to fight as a team.  To truly knew each other’s skills and temperament so that when their very lives were in jeopardy, they could meet the needs of their friends based upon their trust of each other.  This level of team building and leadership resulted in Presidential recognition for our unit and several Bronze Star’s for our soldiers, myself included.  I have also managed hundreds of people working in complex bureaucracies, I’ve learned how to recognize obstructionists and use their very own bureaucracy against itself to accomplish goals.  Regardless of opposition, I never give up and I always find a way to reach the goal. 

All that experience and training though are worthless without compassion for my fellow human beings.  I give my time and resources here at home to help people who are under-served, and under-appreciated.  I feed the homeless and help them to get back on their feet by participating in the Church in the Park program.  Church in the Park has lifted hundreds of good people back onto their feet to become appreciated neighbors.  I’m the person who stops at wrecks and gives first aid to the injured.  I’m the person who sees someone sleeping in the doorway of buildings downtown and gives them a hot meal and a lift to the local shelter. I’ve done these things all my life, anyone who knows me will testify to that.  That same concern I’ve have always shown for my neighbors, will be brought to the state government if you elect me to a position where I can make it happen.  The first step to a brighter future takes YOUR vote.  Use it wisely, let me help.

     I ask for your vote to represent you in the Oklahoma State House during the next two years. You need someone experienced at the decision table fighting for your rights. I believe my life experience, training, and work ethic uniquely qualify me for this responsibility.
  Tough days are ahead for us all if our leadership is not up to the challenge. As a Bronze Star winning combat officer, I led soldiers through months of living and fighting in bio-warfare environments, learning many lessons relevant today. As a manager in the Department of Defense I worked alongside brilliant scientists from Los Alamos and Sandia Labs. As a technology engineer, I spent 16 years helping build a small local company named Devon into a Fortune 100 giant and one of Oklahoma’s top employers. And, as a father and husband of 37 years; I know the real value of family and hard work.
     You may already know me from years of involvement in our local community; helping our local homeless through the Church in the Park program, the Little Axe American Legion, or as a soccer coach for one of your children, or maybe at Lakeview Baptist Church. If you already know me, please be a character witness to your friends.
    If you give me your vote, your voice will be truly represented in Oklahoma state government.  Your support is greatly appreciated.
Phillip A. Hillian       

Map of District 45.


  • A decorated combat officer of the U.S. Army.
  • Director of Information Technology for ITI.
  • Automation Officer for the Dept. of Defense.
  • Technology Engineer for Devon Energy.


A lifetime of real-life leadership roles in military, government, and civilian organizations managing hundreds of personnel.


Doing the right thing is the only option, you can’t hide from it.

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